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Flags over 5

Our first “Flags Over Five”  at I-5 Exit 108 (Sleater-Kinney) was a big success and lots of fun.  We were able to cover both North and Southbound traffic.  You guys are great!  There is lots of support for us out there in the community judging from the friendly responses of motorists.

Afterward we gathered on the Lacey side of the freeway (by Applebees/Sears parking lot) for our first “tailgate meeting”.  It’s kind of like a tailgate party but is our official meeting time now.   We actually met at the flag memorial where there is seating and shade.  Great discussion everyone.  The group decided on “Remember in November” for one of our primary messages.  See you next Thursday 4:30 – 5:30 with tailgate meeting afterward.

We have successfully moved from semi-boring meetings to fun / high visibility events with tailgate meeting afterward.   Everyone is very enthusiastic with the new format and we had a lot of fun on the overpass showing our colors.

Here is the THURSDAY schedule for “Flags Over Five”:
July 1 @ Sleater-Kinney overpass (Ex 108) OLYMPIA
July 8 @ Sleater-Kinney overpass (Ex 108) OLYMPIA
July 15 @ Labree Rd overpass (Ex 74) CHEHALIS
July 22 @ Sleater-Kinney overpass (Ex 108) OLYMPIA
July 29 @ Labree Rd overpass (Ex 74) CHEHALIS

Tailgate meeting locations:
For Olympia meet at the flag pole on the Lacey (South) side of the freeway.
For Chehalis meet at the park on the West side of the freeway (opposite Chehalis).

Also….  Friday, July 2 – 9:45AM

Tim Eyman is holding a press conference at the Corner of Plum & Union in Olympia this Friday at 9:45 AM
From there he will drive the big truck up to the Secretary of State Office one block up Union Avenue and present the signatures to the Secretary of State at 10:00 AM.

Let’s all show up at about 9:30 and have a sidewalk rally at this very busy intersection!  (take I-5 Ex 105-B toward the city center).  Bring your flags.  It’s the intersection with the Chevron station.  Then we march up Union one block to the Sec. of State’s office to help Tim Present the signatures for I-1053.  If you have any partly-filled signature forms bring them with you.  Every signature counts.


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